Power to get you thereĀ faster.

FEATUREMINE Ecosystem helps quants take their strategy from an idea to profitability in as short a time as possible.

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Modular and Extendable.

Custom platform. No effort.

Instead of a complex, buggy monolith that claims to do everything, we provide you with a library of components with a well defined API that can be assembled into exactly what you need. You don’t just get preassembled solutions, we work with you to tailor them to your individual needs.

Python Integration.

Code in Python. Run in C++.

All components of the FM ecosystem provide Python integration allowing for quick setup, configuration and prototyping. You get the ease of use of Python and performance of C++. Write your strategy in Python to get started quickly. Replace parts of it with C++ if you need more performance. You can have your distributed multi-day simulations and low latency strategy in a single platform.

Custom Feeds.

Anything in and out. Fast.

You want to use a particular market data feed handler, order entry session or a custom OMS, no problem, we will make it happen. We will work with your broker or your OMS provider to certify our platform with their FIX connection. We provide input/output interface for some standard data types and our extendable platform makes it easy to integrate a custom data source or to publish logs or other data to a platform of your choice.

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Data Analytic Tool.

Research straight to production.

FM ecosystem includes library for time-series analysis. The library provides an easy to use Python interface, however, computations are implemented in C++ and are assembled prior to execution for optimal performance. You can have the same code compute price bars or alpha signals in research and production, eliminating duplicate code and helping you get from research to production faster. It is extendable so you can easily add you own custom computations.

Risk Controls.

We got you covered.

Safety is crucial. We have a large library of market access risk controls, such as open notional and total notional limits. We understand that you might have you own risk control requirements. Our extendable platform makes it easily to add custom market access controls and to fit the trading platform’s risk validation to your needs. With FM’s modular approach you can even run simulations with different risk validation controls, to see how changes to regulations might impact your trading.


Introspect everything. Quickly.

FEATUREMINE Ecosystem works with Graphite and Prometheus straight out of the box. Just register a variable for monitoring and the platform will seamlessly sample it and feed the value to Graphite. FM Ecosystem also provides simple API to sample real-time performance for a certain code scope or between two points in the code and automatically feed it to your monitoring solution with little overhead.


Ecosystem evolves with you.

We know, when you are trading, fast response is crucial. We are always here for you by chat, phone or email. In the ever changing world your needs change and grow. We work with you to make sure you have what you need to succeed. The strength of any ecosystem comes from diversity. By making the ecosystem better for one client we make is better for everybody. The whole is truly more than the sum of its parts.

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